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For a nice and likeable man, I am looking for a woman who loves the beautiful things in life. A caring, loving, handsome woman who wants to go for a steady and stable relationship.

Brief description of him:

He is an approachable, helpful man who wants to please everyone. He is energetic, caring, open, has humour, is generous and knows very well where his horizon is. He is extroverted, is positive in life and importantly has his heart in the right place. He is 1.78 tall, has a normal build and dresses modern to sporty. He has short groomed hair, a neat groomed short beard, beautiful expressive blue eyes and looks younger. His character can be described as powerful, a people person, honest and willing to help anyone. What I like about him is that he is a very devoted father and he has a healthy attitude to life. An ambitious man who is always mindful of his surroundings. In short; a nice social man who has a lot to offer a woman.

He has been married twice and has 3 children; a grown-up son and 11-year-old twins. He is a proud father and has an excellent relationship with his children. It is therefore important to him that a future wife can also love them and become one of the family.

He has been an entrepreneur for over 33 years and has built a large network of friends. He has his life well in order and is grateful for everything that comes and has come his way. He lives in a lovely detached house with spacious garden.

This man likes to get everything out of life and that includes sociability, good food and trips. He also loves car racing and is a big fan of football, regularly going to Ajax. He likes going to sporting events or galas for charity and never misses a sports match of his children or a Formula 1 race. He gets happy from spontaneous moments together; weekends away, socializing and just being happy together.

What kind of relationship is he looking for?

He is looking for a passionate, stable woman with warmth. His ideal is a younger woman aged 35 to 48, who is young at heart and, like him, loves football and car racing. He hopes to carry her on his hands and be able and allowed to give her everything she needs in their relationship. It is important to him that she has values and knows how to deal with young sporty children who want to achieve certain goals in their lives.

He speaks three languages; Dutch, English and German, and for him, this woman may come from another country as long as she is willing to learn the Dutch language. His partner will never lack anything, this man has a lot of love to give.

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